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AIDE Process and Schedule

 AIDE Review Cycle

The Review Cycle


May - June

Each spring the AIDE process is evaluated, and preparation for the next cycle begins.

Students in the following populations are surveyed.

  • Students who were offered admission to a graduate program, whether they declined or accepted the offer
  • Students who completed the first year of their doctoral program (as defined by the program code of enrollment)
  • Students who graduated in the last academic year (spring, summer, fall)  
  • Students who are 2 years post-graduation

August - September

DMI data is collected for the programs that will be reviewed in the upcoming academic year

Programs respond to assessment questionnaire.

October - January

AIDE Committee reviews all programs in the group.  

February - April

The AIDE Committee and Graduate College staff meet with program leadership to discuss the results and plan for program improvement.


Final reports are mailed to programs.