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Aleczandria Tiffany

Aleczandria Tiffany
PhD start year: 
Award Year: 
Chemical & Biomolecular Eng.
Research Advisor(s): 
Brendan Harley
Description of Research: 

Craniomaxillofacial battle injuries display large, complex injury patterns and poor prognosis, with current statistics showing 26% of all battle-injuries sustained by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are craniomaxillofacial. Difficulties associated with donor site morbidity (autologous grafts) as well as high donor-to donor variability (allogenic grafts) motivate efforts to generate tissue engineering solutions.

I am working to improve bone regeneration in these defects by supplementing our existing mineralized collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffolds with various biologically active components to support stem cell recruitment, osteogenic differentiation, and angiogenesis.