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The Proposed Program Information page allows you to pick the program and term you are applying for, as well as answer program-specific questions.


  • If you have previously been an applicant, student, or employee of the University of Illinois, please be prepared to provide your previously issued University ID Number (UIN).


  • You will be asked to pick your Proposed Program (department), Degree, Field of Specialization, and Desired Term of Enrollment.
  • We recommend reviewing the Programs of Study, along with the proposed program of study website, to review the admissions and degree requirements of the degree for which you are applying.
  • Deadline Information: Once an application deadline has passed for a specific term, that term will no longer display.
  • Check with your proposed program of study office for application deadlines. You may be asked to indicate any faculty members you are interested in working with during your studies at Illinois.
  • Some programs will have additional program-specific questions on this page. If you have any questions about these program-specific questions, please contact your proposed program of study.
  • Please note that some departments may consider your application for multiple programs if your application is not selected for admission by your original proposed program. However, many departments require an additional application to be submitted before reviewing for additional programs. See our Applying for Multiple Programs instructions for more information.

Application Fee Waivers:

International applicants are typically not eligible for application fee waivers unless coming under a valid exchange agreement.