A. Grading System

Details of the grading system in use by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign are found in the Student Code. See article 3-102, article 3-103, and article 3-104 of the Student Code for more information on course grades.

  1. Courses Grades
  2. Minimum Grades and Credit for Repeated Courses

  1. Course Grades:
    Grades and the points used in the computation of grade point averages are as follows:
    A+ 4.00      D+ 1.33
    A 4.00   D 1.00
    A- 3.67   D- 0.67
    B+ 3.33   F 0.00
    B 3.00   F by rule 0.00
    B- 2.67   ABS 0.00
    C+ 2.33      
    C 2.00      
    C- 1.67      

    A grade of F may be assigned to courses dropped for academic irregularities. Since Fall 2004, a grade of F is assigned when an I grade or DFR in a non-thesis course grade is not replaced with a permanent grade by the deadline. See DFR and I below for more information.

    F-by-rule. Prior to Fall 2004, a grade of “FR” was automatically assigned when a grade of Incomplete or DFR in a non-thesis course had not been replaced by a letter grade by the deadline. See DFR and I below for more information.

    The grade of ABS may be assigned when the student is absent from the final examination without an acceptable excuse. A grade of ABS counts as a failure and is not acceptable for degree credit.

    In addition to assigned grades that are included in the computation of Grade Point Average (GPA), the following notations may be used, but are not included in computation of GPA:

    AU No Points
    CR-NC No Points
    DFR No Points
    I No Points
    NR No Points
    NV No Points
    S/U No Points
    W No Points

    AU – Audit. A permanent notation that indicates attendance as a visitor only. Information about auditing a course is located in chapter 2.B.6.

    CR-NC – Credit earned-No Credit earned (see chapter 2.B.7.).

    DFR – Grade deferred. To be used only in those thesis, research, and special problems courses extending over more than one semester that are taken by graduate students as preparation for the thesis, and in other approved courses that extend over more than one semester. The symbol DFR in courses other than thesis (499/599) must be converted to a permanent grade no later than 5:00 p.m. on Reading Day of the next semester in which the student is registered. If no grade change is submitted within that period, the DFR will be converted as follows: for graded courses to an F, for S/U courses to a U, and for C/NC courses to an NC. The DFR symbol for thesis courses (499/599) stands indefinitely until a Supplemental Grade Report Form is submitted by the adviser at the completion (successful or unsuccessful) of the thesis. See chapter 4.A.6. for more information on thesis research credit.

    I – Incomplete. Approved extension of time to complete the final examination or other requirements of the course. (Entitles the student to an examination later without fee, or to additional time to complete other requirements of the course. The final grade must be reported on the Supplemental Grade Report Form.) The instructor may authorize such extension of time for a graduate student regardless of the level of the course. A grade of Incomplete must be replaced by a letter grade no later than 5:00 p.m. of Reading Day of the next semester in which the student is registered or it automatically becomes an F grade. If the student does not enroll the following semester in a graded course, the incomplete grade becomes an F-by-rule after one year. Incomplete grades earned in the spring semester will not be converted to F-by-rule until the end of the following fall semester, whether or not the student registers for the summer term. A student will not be certified for a degree with an Incomplete grade in the academic record.

    NR – Not reported. This temporary notation is automatically entered if an instructor does not report a grade by the deadline. A student will not be certified for a degree with an NR notation in the academic record.

    NV – Not valid. This temporary notation is used when an instructor reports a grade in a mode that has not been approved for use with that course.

    S/U – Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory. A permanent notation used as a final grade only in courses (generally thesis research or seminar courses) approved for this grade mode.

    W – Withdraw. A permanent notation signifying an approved withdraw without credit, (see chapter 7.C for more information)

  2. Minimum Grades and Credit for Repeated Courses:
    The Graduate College has no minimum grade policy, but a department or program may set a minimum grade to be earned in order for a course to count as credit toward the degree.  Students are responsible for knowing their departmental requirements. The program determines whether hours for repeated courses count toward the degree. When a graduate student repeats a course, all hours and grades count toward the cumulative graduate GPA.