C. Artist's Diplomas

Artist's Diplomas: 
The School of Music offers an Artist’s Diploma degree, which is intended only for musicians at the highest level of artistic accomplishment and potential. Upon completion of the Diploma, students are expected to be ready for entrance into the music profession as a solo artist, member of an orchestra or chamber or jazz ensemble, or as an apprentice in an opera company.

a.   Credit Hour Requirements. This degree requires completion of 32 semester hours of course work beyond the master's degree.

b.   Time Limits. A candidate for an Artist's Diploma is expected to complete all degree requirements within five years of first registering as a degree-seeking student in the degree program, unless the student is enrolled in a program with a different time limit that has been approved by the Graduate College. Students may request an extension of this time limit through the Graduate College petition process up to one year prior to the degree conferral date. When supporting petitions for extensions of time to degree, it is the program's responsibility to determine whether old course work is still relevant to the current degree.