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The Graduate College Career Development offers workshops that can be requested by departments, faculty, research groups, student groups, or other campus units or entities. These workshops can be a productive addition to orientations, courses, professional development seminars, research group meetings, and more. They can introduce students and postdocs to a range of professional and career development topics (like application documents, the job search, career exploration, communication skills, and more), freeing up faculty to address field-specific issues in more detail. All workshops can be customized to some degree in order to address the particular needs of the audience.

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Below are descriptions of our available workshops.

Career Exploration

Exploring Broad Career Options in [Your Field]: Uses hands-on activities to guide attendees through the process of thinking about what matters to them in a career and assessing possible career options.

Translating Your Skills for Non-Academic Audiences: Attendees work with actual job postings to identify the transferrable skills they have gained in graduate school and learn how to explain those skills to audiences outside academia.

Job Search

Developing a Job Search Strategy: Provides an overview of faculty and/or nonacademic job search processes, including the basics of application documents, interview formats, and more.

Application Documents: Thinking Like a Faculty Search Committee: This hands-on workshop puts attendees preparing for a faculty job search in the search committee role as they evaluate applicants, resulting in practical and actionable advice for writing effective application documents.

Diversity Statements for Faculty Job Searches: This workshop gives an overview of the format and content diversity statements and includes discussion about the best way to approach writing one of these important but challenging statements.

CV to Resume: This interactive workshop guides students through the process of turning their CV into a resume suitable for a job search outside of academia. (Participants must bring a copy of their current CV.)

Interviewing Strategies for Grad Students & Postdocs: Offers an overview of interview formats and expectations for faculty and/or nonacademic job searches, concrete strategies for success, and an opportunity to practice with peers.

Job Search Q&A: If your group has a lot of questions but not a lot of answers, you can invite a Career Development expert to come and take questions on anything from possible career paths to job search strategy to application documents and interviews.

Professional Development

GradMAP: Making the Most of Grad School: Guides students as they set medium-term goals, identify the skills they need to achieve them, and make concrete plans to gain those skills. Helps students navigate the demands of graduate school successfully. See more information here.

Convincing People Your Research Matters: Covers the basics of communicating advanced research to diverse audiences. Includes strategies as well as opportunities to put them into practice.

Getting the Most Out of an Academic Conference: Addresses strategies for effective conference attendance, including networking and other topics

Building an Effective Web Presence: Covers the whys and hows of using an online presence (websites, social media, etc.) to enrich research, expand networks, and reach goals successfully.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possibility of developing a workshop not in the list above, please email