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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the Graduate College's primary policy-making body, and is composed of elected and appointed members of the faculty as defined in the Graduate College Bylaws. The committee is chaired by the dean and provides advice on matters of policy, courses and curricula, appointments to the graduate faculty, degree programs and requirements, and other matters related to graduate education and graduate student welfare.

Current Membership (2017-2018)

2017-18 Meeting Schedule

Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko Chair Dean of the Graduate College
Conrad Bakker Appointed 2017-19 Department of Art & Design
Zachary Berent Graduate Student 2017-2019 Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering
Xialoing Chen Appointed 2017-19 Department of Accountancy
Kent Choquette Elected 2016-18 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Eleanor Courtemanche Elected 2016-18 Department of English
Luisa-Elena Delgado Appointed 2016-18 Department of Spanish & Portuguese
George Gasyna Appointed 2016-18 Department of Slavic Languages & Literature
Julie Hengst Elected 2016-18 Department of Speech & Hearing Science
Tania Ionin Elected 2017-19 Department of Linguistics
Karla Moller Elected 2016-18 Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Lori Raetzman Elected 2017-19 Molecular & integrative Physiology
Katie Ranard Graduate Student 2017-19 Division of Nutritional Sciences
Sandra Rodriguez-Zas Elected 2017-19 Department of Animal Sciences
Sela Sar Appointed 2017-19 Department of Advertising
Mark Steinberg Elected 2017-19 Department of History
Terri Weissman Appointed 2017-19 School of Art & Design


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