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GradMAP: Planning for Success

GradMAP skills graphic

Why Plan?

Graduate school is full of right-now expectations (papers, exams) and long-term hopes (thesis or dissertation, a great job). But it can be tough to bridge the gaps between today and someday. To make the most of your time in graduate school, it is crucial that you set medium-term goals and make plans to achieve them. Whether you hope to publish in a journal, land an internship, or teach your own course, the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to make a map and stick to it.

Stop the Hamster Wheel: Making Plans in Grad School

Why GradMAP: Planning for Success?

That is why the Graduate College Career Development Office developed GradMAP: Planning for Success as part of our resources to help students navigate graduate school. In this hands-on workshop, students use the GradMAP Professional Development Process to set 6-12-month goals, identify skills needed to achieve those goals, and make concrete plans to develop in those areas by undertaking specific activities.

Students who have participated in GradMAP: Planning for Success say that it is “surprisingly helpful” and “gives me a clear framework to turn goals into action.”


We offer sessions of GradMAP: Planning for Success open to all graduate students once or twice a semester. Visit our workshop schedule and watch GradLinks for dates and times. We can also offer GradMAP: Planning for Success for your department, research group, or student organization. Email to learn more.