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GradMAP: Skills for Success

Over the course of your time in graduate school, you will develop numerous and varied skills. We have grouped them into six categories to help you think clearly about the skills you have and the areas you still need to develop. Consider using our professional development process to help you connect your goals and skills in an intentional, productive way.

Click each heading to find activities and resources that will help you grow and learn in that area.

GradMAP-skills graphic


Enhance the range of your communication skills including writing, presentation and interpersonal abilities.

Leadership & Innovation

Develop approaches to lead, manage and innovate as you work with people, develop new projects or start new initiatives.

Research & Specialization

Gain specialized knowledge and tools relevant to your field and career of interest.

Teaching & Mentoring

Cultivate the skills to be an effective teacher and mentor that can be used in a variety of settings.


Understand expectations of your profession and field, including communication norms, authorship guidelines and ethical considerations.

Job Search

Explore possible career fields, learn about the job search process and develop skills for an effective search.