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Daniel Najera

Daniel Najera
Previous degree(s): 
BS, Chemistry, University of Texas at El Paso
PhD start year: 
Award Year: 
Research Advisor(s): 
Alison Fout
Description of Research: 

Catalytic processes are ubiquitous in chemical synthesis. The most widely used catalysts are based on precious metals, which gives rise to sustainability issues concerning cost and the environment. Therefore, designing catalysts based on abundant, inexpensive firstrow transition metals is an active area of research in inorganic chemistry. My research focuses on exploring the reactivity of a cobalt pincer complex, (MesCCC)Co-py, in various
catalytic transformations. I am interested in the catalytic activity of this complex in the hydrosilylation of alkynes to produce synthetically versatile vinylsilanes. Currently, I am working on expanding the substrate scope and discerning the mechanism of this process.