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SPI - Program Benefits

Academic, Social, and Financial

  • An opportunity to conduct focused research under the guidance of an experienced researcher in your respective discipline
  • The opportunity to strengthen technical writing skills
  • A chance to explore a topic that could ultimately develop into a dissertation topic or an article for publication
  • An opportunity to meet and network with other students who have similar interests, needs, and academic goals
  • Early familiarization with the University of Illinois campus administration
  • An introduction to the Graduate College and the Graduate College administration
  • Networking and scholarship activities that support academic career development
  • Academic award of $5,000 for the duration of the summer

Acclimation to Graduate School

The SPI encourages rapid acclimation to the Illinois campus, the participant's respective department, graduate school culture, and the requirements of the participant's specific discipline. If you are admitted to SPI, you will become acquainted with graduate life on the Illinois campus by:

  • Meeting and working with faculty and advisors in your home department
  • Becoming familiar with the demands of your discipline prior to the start of the fall semester
  • Enrolling in an independent study course which may include fulfilling a lab rotation requirement
  • Interacting with your peers within the academic community
  • Participating in seminars that address topics such as:
    • Graduate school funding
    • Financial management
    • Understanding the research process
    • Publishing and presenting research