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Checklist for Graduating Students

Each department will have somewhat different considerations and requirements, but this checklist should assist in developing a custom checklist designed specifically for your department.

Masters and doctoral students (who are required to deposit) – Make an appointment with the department format checker. Doctoral students must register during the term of final defense. See the thesis requirements and more helpful information at

Add name to degree certification list/Apply for graduation – Students must add their name to the degree list using UI Integrate Self-Service. If the student is unable to apply for graduation via Self-Service, the department will need to add the student by the deadline. See the Academic Calendar for deadlines. Information about the process is available through the Graduate Student Academic Services Office in the Graduate College.

Commencement – Information can be found at Doctoral students must RSVP to the Graduate College in order to participate in and receive tickets to the campus Commencement ceremony.

Audit of degree requirements by the department – Be sure all degree requirements are completed.  There is a person in each department who is authorized (on the Authorized Signature Form) to certify degree requirements have been met.

Address update – Student should update their diploma address on UI Integrate Self-Service.

General reminders – These will vary from department to department but may include reminders such as:

  • Empty contents of mailbox and/or locker
  • Terminate parking space
  • Return equipment, library books, etc.
  • Turn in departmental keys
  • Check out with personnel staff (vacation/sick leave, final pay, etc.)
  • Check student account and reconcile outstanding balances


Loans – Student loan recipients are required to complete an exit interview. A link to complete the exit interview can be found at

Other – Some departments will require completion of an exit survey

Alumni – Students are already members of the University of Illinois' Alumni Association and can see for more information.