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Procedures for the Administration of University Fellowship Funds

Departments are to:

  1. Submit a completed and signed Graduate College Rating Form for each student receiving a University Fellowship. The Rating Form should include information on all concurrent appointments (assistantships and/or fellowships) for the fellowship period.
  2. Track the utilization of their allocation.

The Graduate College will:

  1. Review Rating Forms to ensure the fellowship appointments comply with campus policy and guidelines.
  2. Contact the department if there are any problems or questions.
  3. Send the Fellows a Notice of Fellowship Appointment covering the terms of the Fellowship along with a congratulatory letter from the Graduate College.
  4. Send the department a copy of the Notice of Fellowship Appointment for each student indicating acceptance or decline.
  5. Initiate NESSIE New Hire.
  6. Add the fellowship appointment to the campus system.
  7. Track the utilization of the department's allocation.

Note: The home organization for students with fellowships will be the Graduate College Fellowship Office. The fellowship job will always be the primary job in Banner.

If you have any questions regarding the use of fellowship funds, please contact the Graduate College Fellowship Office at 333-0036 or