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Instructions for the Graduate College Form for Fellowships, Traineeships and Courtesy Waivers

Fellowship and traineeship appointments are reviewed in the Graduate College.  Students admitted on limited status due to grade point average or a bachelor's degree not comparable to that at this university should not be awarded fellowships unless there is some extraordinary justification for doing so.  Students on academic probation are not eligible for fellowships unless an exception is granted by the Graduate College.  Non-degree students are not eligible for fellowships or traineeships administered by the Graduate College. 

Departments are required to submit the Graduate College Rating Form for Fellowships and Traineeships in the following situations:

  • To process all fellowship and traineeship appointments paid through campus payroll.
  • To request a courtesy fellowship waiver to accompany an external fellowship paid directly to the student.

Please use the following instructions to assist in the completion of the Rating Form.
Please complete all of the relevant sections [note: for a fellowship, all sections should be included except the “Courtesy Waiver” section. For a courtesy waiver, all sections should be included except the “Award Information” section].
Additional documentation is also required for:

Rating Form (PDF) Note: The Adobe PDF Reader Program does not allow you to save the data you entered into the form fields.  If you save the document, you have a blank form.



  • Student’s UIN.
  • Student's Name (Last, First, and Middle, if known), as it appears on the SSN card, visa, or other legal document.
  • Student’s Gender.
  • Student’s Date of Birth.
  • Citizenship - Indicate whether student is a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or non-resident alien.
  • Student's Current Mailing Address - The student's Notice of Appointment letter will be sent to this address.  Please ensure that there is a valid local address.  If your student has not arrived on campus or has not provided you with a valid local address, please use your department address.  Erroneous mailing addresses will result in processing delays.
  • Student’s Program Code - For students in the Medical Scholars Program (MSP), please provide the graduate department code.
  • Student’s Email Address - Please use the student's assigned UIUC email address.
  • Student's Department - For MSP students, please also list the other academic program (PhD, JD, etc.).


  • Undergraduate Institution Name - Provide the name of degree- granting institution(s).
  • Graduate Institution Name - List all attended, including Illinois if a current student.
  • Dates of Attendance - For current students, list date of admission to Illinois.
  • GPA - For current students, list current cumulative GPA (Current GPA provides documentation that the student is not on academic probation).
  • Number of credits used in computation of GPA.
  • Degree awarded from institution - List for all institutions.

Currently Enrolled Full-Time - For current students, indicate whether the student is enrolled full-time.  Full-time enrollment is required for Fellows unless an exception is granted by the Graduate College.


  • Fellowship or traineeship Name.
  • Name of the unit awarding the fellowship or traineeship, if different than the student’s academic department.

Tuition and Fees

  • If fellowship is for $5,000/semester or more and tuition is not to be charged to a grant, check the “waive” box.
  • If tuition and/or fee charges are to be billed to the grant paying the stipend, check “Bill to stipend C-FOAP” (note details of fees to be included in comments box).
  • If fellowship is supplemental (not waiver-generating) to a waiver-generating assistantship, check "Asstshp wvr" and indicate on the line the percentage of the assistantship. Please provide the assistantship information in the Concurrent Appointments section.

Other Mandatory Fees - This section should be completed only if the fellow will receive payment of all other mandatory fees. 

  • If the payment of all mandatory fees is to be billed to the grant paying the stipend, check “Bill to stipend C-FOAP”.


  • C-FOAP title.
  • C-FOAP.
  • Time Sheet Org – Organization Code for unit paying fellowship.
  • Dates of award.  For information on standard fellowship appointment dates.
  • Monthly Stipend Amount.
  • Total Stipend Amount.

If appointment is for a traineeship, please attach a copy of the completed agency notification of award.


Departments may request courtesy fellowship waivers for individual students who receive fellowships paid directly to the student, if the award meets the definition of a fellowship, provides no funding for tuition and fees, and provides a stipend at the established minimum or higher.  On the form, please provide: 

  •  Name of award
  •  Award period
  •  Total stipend

Please submit supporting documentation of the award along with the Rating Form. For more information see the Tuition and Fee Waiver Policy section of the Graduate Handbook.


List all assistantship and hourly appointments that correspond with the fellowship period.

  • Type of assistantship appointment.
  • Appointment dates.
  • If hourly appointment, indicate the expected number of hours per week and very brief job description.

If a primary appointment is a traineeship, and the student has a concurrent research assistantship, please provide the following:

  • Confirmation that the research assistantship does not exceed 15% FTE;
  • Confirmation by sponsor and student that compensation for the research assistantship is not paid from a research grant that supports the same research that is part of the trainee's planned training experience;
  • Confirmation by the sponsor that the assistantship obligations will not detract from or prolong the approved training program; and,
  • Confirmation that tuition and fees will continue to be charged to the traineeship grant. 


Provide any additional relevant comments.


Approval of Appointing Unit: Please provide the name and phone number of a contact who can answer questions about the information provided on the Rating Form. An authorized signature and date of signature are also required. Please notify the Business and Fellowship Processing Office of any changes in contacts or authorized signatures for your unit.

For questions about Form Submission: Email the Graduate College Fellowship Office at ( or call (217) 333-0036 between 9:00 am to Noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.