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Program Review

Graduate Program Review

In the past, the Graduate College conducted programmatic review through the Assessment of the Illinois Doctoral Experience (AIDE) that assessed all doctoral program on a five-year cycle. Master degree programs and certificates were not reviewed under the AIDE process. To avoid duplication, and to extend review to all graduate programs, we have collaborated with the Office of the Provost to integrate AIDE into the campus-level program review. The integrated review process will evaluate both master’s and doctoral programs. Integrating the two reviews significantly reduces the amount of staff and faculty time needed to implement the review and assessment process and to analyze the data.

See the Office of the Provost's website for more information about Academic Program Review.

Student Satisfaction Surveys

The Graduate College conducts regular surveys of graduate student satisfaction with their programs. In the past, this was done through the AIDE process; however, moving forward this well be done through gradSERU, a consortium of research universities that shares information about student experience and satisfaction. In the near future, departments will be able to compare student experience data for their program relative to similar programs at a number of major peer institutions.

Data Resources

The Graduate College is committed to sharing information about key graduate education metrics and performance indicators as broadly as possible. For this reason, we have created three interactive data tools:

Graduate Education Dashboard - a publically available dashboard with campus, college, and department data about graduate education at Illinois.

GradDATA - using data from the Division of Management Information, this interactive tool provides a snapshot of four key areas of graduate education and program administration: Selectivity, Time to Degree, Underrepresented Minority Enrollments, and External Support. Information in Grad Data is restricted to those with a University of Illinois NetID. Others can see the publically available information on the DMI website.

GradExperience - provides department-level information from annual surveys sent to first and final-year doctoral students. Reported data represents a five-year average (2013-2017) for six categories of student satisfaction: Satisfaction, Collegiality, Program Requirements, Financial Support, Advising, Career Preparedness. Information in Grad Experience is restricted to those with a University of Illinois NetID.