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Priority 3: Broaden Participation

Funding Priorities

Make a Difference to Graduate Students @ Illinois - Funding Priorities

  1. Increase Fellowships and Scholarships
  2. Provide for Scholarly Travel
  3. Broaden Participation
  4. Support Greatest Needs

Your gift today to Priority 3 will help underrepresented students attain an advanced degree. Gifts to the Graduate College can help broaden participation to provide access to a graduate education for U.S. domestic racial/ethnic populations. African American, Latino, and American Indian students are among those who are traditionally underrepresented at Illinois in graduate education. National data shows a widening gap between national demographics and degree attainment. Your financial support is needed to broaden participation and increase access to graduate degree programs.

Graduate College Fellowships seek to broaden participation by providing either one-year or multi-year awards based on merit.

The three award types are:

  • Graduate College Distinguished Fellowship: three-year award that provides a stipend over twelve months for doctoral students
  • Graduate College Fellowship (doctoral): one and two-year awards that provide a stipend over twelve months for doctoral students
  • Graduate College Fellowship (master's): one-year award that provides a stipend over nine months for master's students

These fellowships include a waiver of full tuition, along with coverage of the service fee, health service fee, AFMA fee, library fee, as well as basic dental and vision coverage. In addition, the Fellow will receive partial payment of the graduate student health insurance fee each semester.

Broadening participation among advanced degree holders…

  • Expands diversity of the workforce in rapidly growing science/technology fields
  • Increases diversity among an emerging global workforce
  • Creates diversity of leaders in business, government and nonprofit sectors
  • Ensures more voices in shaping knowledge and creative expression
  • Influences future generations of students, educators and leaders

Your support is needed to better meet campus demand for doctoral fellowships, scholarships or scholarly travel. You can note your preference when making a gift. Every gift makes a difference!

Dr. Jhan Doughty Berry

"I owe so much to the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) that it is difficult to capture all that it has brought to my life professionally and personally."

Dr. Jhan Doughty Berry (SROP alum ’92)
Director of Diversity and Chief
Diversity Officer
Educational Testing Service