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Priority 2: Provide for Scholarly Travel

Funding Priorities

Make a Difference to Graduate Students @ Illinois - Funding Priorities

  1. Increase Fellowships and Scholarships
  2. Provide for Scholarly Travel
  3. Broaden Participation
  4. Support Greatest Needs

It is paramount that graduate students have the opportunity to conduct their research and present their work in the most appropriate venues. They may need access to archaeological sites, original manuscripts, artwork, scientific equipment, or may need to be onsite to research a rare species. Your gift designated to Priority 2 will give graduate students the opportunity to travel to locations that support their graduate studies.

Dissertation Research Travel

Graduate students across the campus compete for these highly competitive dissertation research travel awards. Providing up to $5,000 to outstanding graduate students.

Master’s Research Travel

Students seeking these degrees often need to travel to complete their research, especially terminal master’s students such as those getting an MFA (Master’s of Fine Arts). For example, terminal master's students may need to conduct field work or install their work of art.

Conference Travel

The Graduate College support for students to present their research at conferences is in such demand that we must limit award to $300 or less per graduate student. This is not enough to support students who have to go beyond nearby cities. In this time of global collaboration and communication, it is vital that we support the broadening of our students’ network and allow them to share their research on a national and global scale. With your support we hope to increase top award amounts.

Roslyn Snow

"As an alumna of one of the truly great land grant universities, I know the value of field work and the necessity of supporting grad students who will not only have great professional success, but who provide the research our lives depend on."

Roslyn Snow (’59)  MA English
Donor to Dissertation Travel Grants