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The Graduate College Handbook

for students, faculty and staff – August 2019

Chapter 5: Requirements and Policies for Master’s Degrees, Certificates of Advanced Study and Artist's Diplomas

Students are bound by the program and degree requirements in effect at their term of admission and are expected to be aware of these requirements. Students are not obligated to follow any subsequent changes to degree requirements unless the student has been Absent without Leave from the program (see Leave of Absence policy for details). Students should also review chapter 4 for more information about degree requirements.

Some academic units offer post-master's degrees for students who are interested in additional professional training beyond the master's degree but are not planning to obtain the doctoral degree. More information about Certificates of Advanced Study and the Artist's Diploma can be found in the Post-Master's Degrees section.

Distinct from the C.A.S. and other post-master's degrees, some academic programs may offer certificates tied to the completion of requisite courses that are not recorded on the transcript. Students must contact those programs for more information.