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The Graduate College Handbook

for students, faculty and staff – August 2018

B. Registration Requirements

The Graduate College does not require that students be registered at the time of deposit. However, individual departments may have other registration requirements, so students should check with their department for details. The Graduate College does require that all doctoral candidates be registered for the entire academic term during which they take the preliminary examination and the term during which they take the final examination, regardless of when the dissertation will be deposited or when the degree will be conferred. For this purpose only, "academic term" is defined as extending to and including the day before the first day of the following academic term. If enough thesis credits have been accumulated, registration for zero hours is acceptable. See chapter 2.B.4. for more information about enrollment in GC 599 for loan deferral. For students in approved joint degree programs and in the Medical Scholars Program, registration in either program during the academic term in which they defend meets the enrollment requirement.