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The Graduate College Handbook

for students, faculty and staff – August 2019

A. Assessment

Tuition and fee assessments are based on the student’s Illinois residency status, the college and curriculum of enrollment, and the amount of credit for which the student registers. Credit is organized by “ranges” (e.g. Range I for fall and spring terms is 12 or more hours), and the amount of tuition and fee assessments may vary by range of enrollment. For example, if a student registers for fewer than 6 hours in fall or spring terms, or less than 3 hours in summer, certain fees would not be assessed. Without the fee assessment, the student would not have access to the services associated with that fee.

In addition to tuition, certain courses carry a fee to cover instructional costs. These fees may apply to computer equipment and usage, laboratory equipment and supplies, musical instruments for practice, and similar instructional costs. Instructional fees are noted in the Class Schedule and assessed along with tuition and other fees.

The Office of the Registrar’s Web site contains complete information about tuition and fees assessment, current fee structures, and which services are supported by specific fees.