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The Graduate College Handbook

for students, faculty and staff – August 2019

C. Adjustments, Cancellation, Withdrawal and Refunds

A student’s assessment of tuition and fees may be adjusted for a number of reasons, including changing the number of hours of registration, cancelling registration, or withdrawing from the University. Because tuition and fee assessments are based on the hours of credit organized by “ranges,” adding or dropping classes could result in a student moving from one range to another, which would result in either an increase or decrease in the assessment.

Cancellation of registration is only permitted if a student has not attended classes and has not used any University services. If a student wishes to cancel registration and avoid payment of the tuition and fee charges, the student must complete a Withdrawal/Cancellation form (PDF) and submit it before 5:00 p.m. on the last business day before the first day of instruction of the term (including requests by mail). A student must obtain permission from their departmental office and International Student and Scholar Services (international students only) before submitting the Withdrawal/Cancellation form to the Graduate College. If cancellation is approved by the Graduate College, all tuition and fee charges are removed from the account for that term.

A student who wishes to drop all courses after the cancellation deadline must withdraw from the University for that term. This applies even if the students had been registered for only one course. Students withdrawing from the University are refunded on a pro-rata basis until a specified date in the semester after which no refund is available. No portion of the health insurance fee or health service fee is refundable. Students who have paid health insurance and health service fees will continue to be covered and eligible to receive services for the corresponding coverage period for that term.  The withdrawal refund policy contains more details.

Special refund policies apply to students who withdraw to enter active duty in the armed forces or other approved national defense service. See the complete policy, Rule 3-314 of the Student Code.

If a student reduces course registration to a lower assessment range (e.g., from Range I to Range II), the student may be eligible for a refund.  Refund policies vary depending on the action taken by the student and when the action is taken. Before any refund is made to the student, the University must make a refund to the appropriate financial aid programs providing assistance to the student. If the student is indebted to the University when due a refund, the amount owed is deducted from the amount of refund. See the University Refund Schedule for details and specific dates.