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The Graduate College Handbook

for students, faculty and staff – August 2018

Graduate College


The table lists current assistantship waiver designations for graduate and professional programs in the college or school. Approved Cost Recovery or Self Supporting programs are also indicated. (You can see the definitions here.) The "Program" column indicates the program and degrees. The "Waiver Provided" column specifies whether students from these programs receive a full or base-rate waiver of tuition when they are appointed to waiver-generating assistantships. The “Reimbursement” column indicates what portion, if any, of the tuition may be sought by the student's disciplinary college as reimbursement from the appointing unit outside the college. The “Stand-Alone Waiver Provided” column indicates what type of waiver is processed when a Stand-Alone waiver is awarded by the college.




Waiver Provided

Unit Seeks Reimbursement

Stand-Alone Waiver Provided

Informatics PhD