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Guidelines for Requesting a Graduate Student Teach Other Graduate Students

Requests for appointing graduate students to teach 400-700 level courses that enroll graduate students should address the following points:

  • the qualifications (expertise in subject, teaching experience, and so forth) of the student who is proposed as the teacher
  • the name of faculty member supervising the instructing student
  • whether or not this teaching responsibility is fulfilling a degree requirement
  • how many requests of this type have been made for this student
  • what is the student’s current status in the program and an estimated date on which the terminal degree (Ph.D., M.F.A., Ed.D., etc) is expected
  • whether or not the student’s graduation will be delayed by this teaching assignment
  • the number and level of graduate students projected to be enrolled in this class offering, including whether or not there are separate curricula for master’s and doctoral students in this program
  • what is the role of the course in the major program’s curriculum (Is it a core course?)
  • how many times in the last five years has this course been taught by a graduate student
  • could this assignment create a conflict between the student’s role as a teacher and student
  • the special circumstances that justify the exception

The request addressing these points should be made to the Dean of the Graduate College in accordance with the policy noted in Chapter VIII section A of the Graduate Handbook.