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The Impact of NAFTA in the Mexican Auto Industry: A Literature Review

This paper analyzes the existing literature on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and its effect on the Mexican auto industry. Existing literature linking NAFTA and the Mexican Auto industry is limited and non-historical. It is written predominantly by economists for economists using complex language and statistical data difficult to understand. This paper seeks to condense and organize the history of the auto industry after the implementation of NAFTA. The goal of the literature review is to identify the influence of the free trade agreement on the development of the Mexican auto industry. Given the magnitude of the topic and the regional development of the auto industry within Mexico, this literature review primarily focuses on the north central region of el Bajío. Organized thematically, the study is divided into three subsections: free trade and its impact on the auto industry, auto producing regions, and an evaluation of the auto industry.

Jesus Tapia
Pomona College
Latin American Studies
Research Advisor: 
Dr. Mary Arends-Kuenning
Department of Research Advisor: 
Agricultural & Consumer Economics
Year of Publication: