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Jazmin Aguilar-Romero

Jazmin Aguilar-Romero
Previous degree(s): 
BA, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University
PhD start year: 
Award Year: 
Research Advisor(s): 
Steve Zimmerman
Description of Research: 

Polymeric nanoparticle drug delivery systems have tremendous potential for controlled release of therapeutic agents to targeted cells. However, degradation of commonly used polyester-based delivery systems is very slow and unresponsive to the range of physiological conditions found within cells and tissues.
The goal of my research is to synthesize a nanoparticle that that is sensitive to the lower pH values observed in endosomes and among certain tissues; in an acidic environment, the nanoparticle would undergo amplified chain-shattering degradation. These features would promote endosomal release as well as enable targeting of acidic cancer tissues.