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Lauren Hagler

Lauren Hagler
Previous degree(s): 
BS, Chemistry (Biochemistry), University of Alabama
PhD start year: 
Award Year: 
Degree Completion: 
PhD, 2020
Research Advisor(s): 
Steven C. Zimmerman
Description of Research: 

Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 (DM1) is the most common form of adult onset muscular dystrophy, affect 1 in 8000 worldwide. To date no therapeutic agent has been discovered to directly treat the underlying cause of DM1, trinucleotide repeat expansions in the genome. My research focuses on developing small molecule therapeutics to selectively target expanded regions of the genome in DNA and RNA for the treatment of DM1. Combining
computational chemistry, organic synthesis, and chemical biology, I design and synthesize new ligands for RNA- and DNA-binding and test compounds in in vitro and cellular disease models.