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Living in Urbana-Champaign

Conveniently situated between Chicago, Indianapolis, and  St. Louis, our central Illinois campus and its environs offer a quality of living that makes this a prime destination.  Home to the university for nearly 150 years and with attributes all their own, Urbana and Champaign need not emulate larger cities.  Here, urban engages rural for an unparalleled “college-town” experience: corn and cows, Blue Waters supercomputing, Boneyard Creek, tractor pulls, gourmet dining, barbeque and blues, historic neighborhoods, visual and performing arts, multiplex movies, independent cinema, and social responsibility. While the university provides atmosphere and resources conducive to research, project execution, and degree completion, the teaming of campus and regional virtues enhances the livability, comfort, and zest that graduate students need and want.

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