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Active Jumping Droplet Vapor Chambers for High Heat Flux Cooling

Changing load conditions in power electronics cause highly localized mobile hotspots which are difficult to cool with existing industrial solutions. Without an effective and efficient way to extract heat from these hotspots, power electronics are prone to losses, failures, and design limitations. Therefore, a more advanced “steerable” heat extraction method is required as power electronic designs become increasingly power dense. Initial studies have shown that coalescence induced jumping droplet phase change cooling can maintain high heat flux cooling performance in a small design footprint. Additionally, these jumping droplets have been shown to possess a positive net charge, opening the possibility of electric-field steerability. This proposal explores the effective cooling performance of mobile hotspots using jumping droplets and electric fields within a vacuum chamber.

Adam Castaneda
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mechanical Engineering
Research Advisor: 
Dr. Nenad Miljkovic
Department of Research Advisor: 
Mechanical Science & Engineering
Year of Publication: