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Searching for a Record

In Banner, for screens that include ID and name in the key block, you can use the ID and Name Extended Search screen to find a person or student record. The example below uses SGASTDN, but it will also work in SPAIDEN, SFAREGS – most any screen where a name is in the key block.

Press the Tab key on your keyboard to get to the blank line next to the ID block.

Type in the last name or the first syllable of the student's last name with a wildcard (%) after it and press enter. For example, for a student with the last name Carlton, you could type Carl% and press enter. Do not click the magnifying glass to use the ID and Name Extended Search.


You will now see the ID and Name Extended Search screen:

ID and Name Extended Search screen

Banner will return with a list of all students who match the criteria for that name (including previous names). For example, Carl% brought back 1305 results (the number next to the Cancel button). You can view the search results by clicking on the arrow next to the Search Results box. This will show a list of records and if you search for a unique last name, you may be able to find the record in the pull down. However, you will most likely need to narrow your search using one or more criteria on this screen including:

Person/Non-Person (i.e. Vendor)/Both



Name Type


Date of Birth


If you have a UIN, this may be the only additional criterion you need. With the 1305 Search Results for Carl% indicated in the top right, you can type in the UIN in the ID field and now click the magnifying glass in the ID and Name Search popup to narrow the search.

Note: If Banner does not find any records based on the date of birth, Default will be shown in the Search Results box and the number of results will be 0. To clear the search, click the blue Rollback icon. The search results will be returned to the previous number (in this case 1305).

If the search was successful, the search results will be reduced to only those persons who match your narrowing criteria. To view the names, click on the arrow next to the Search Results box.

Note: If the name is indented, the student has had a name or ID change and the indented record is associated with the record immediately preceding the indented name. ID changes can occur for a number of reasons; in particular, a prospect who submits an application will have an '@' ID changed to a UIN.

Search Results Box

If you find a match, click on the name. The record will be brought up in the screen from which you began the search. If you do not find a match, click the blue Rollback icon to clear the search results. You can try using different criteria such as date of birth, zip code, etc.

You may also try beginning the name search over using more generic criteria, and then use more specific criteria to narrow your search.