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Guiding Standards for Faculty Supervision of Graduate Students

Members of the Graduate Faculty aspire to the following standards:

  1. Graduate faculty will foster the development of excellence in every graduate student.
  2. In relations with students, graduate faculty will be candid, fair, and committed to the students' welfare and progress.
  3. Graduate faculty will conscientiously supervise, encourage, and support students in their academic endeavors and assist them in securing research support and seeking professional employment.
  4. Graduate faculty will not discriminate among graduate students on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ethnic background, disability, religion, national origin, or any other factor unrelated to competence or performance.
  5. Graduate faculty will advise students concerning the ethics of the profession, encourage the practice of research and publication consistent with ethical standards, and help students avoid ethically questionable projects.
  6. Graduate faculty will advise students about career opportunities and implications associated with their participation in particular research projects or degree programs.
  7. Graduate faculty will strive to enhance the educational value of teaching and research assistantships of the students under their supervision.
  8. Graduate faculty will be objective in the evaluation of research and academic performance and will communicate that evaluation fully and honestly to their students. Graduate faculty will report accurately on the competence of students to other professionals who require such evaluations.
  9. Graduate faculty will not permit personal animosities or intellectual differences with colleagues to impede student access to those colleagues or interfere with students' research or progress toward a degree.
  10. When engaged in teaching, research, or supervision, graduate faculty will recognize the power they hold and will avoid engaging in conduct that exploits or demeans students or that could be construed as an abuse of that power.
  11. Graduate faculty are responsible for all phases of graduate education and will be accessible to students who are under their guidance.