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Strengthen Programs

Having a strong program is important, and below are how some programs accomplish that goal. In addition, having a strong Program Reputation enhances your ability to attract and recruit top students, and adhering to Strict Admissions Criteria allows only the strongest students to matriculate. Strong programs also have practices that help them to Maintain the Rigor of their CurriculaPeer Programs can be used to discuss and resolve issues among their common disciplines.


Accountancy: It is critical to keep in mind that the well-established strength of our doctoral program plays a key role in helping us successfully recruit and retain the best new accountancy faculty members to Illinois.


Biochemistry: Per faculty member, the Department of Biochemistry currently brings in more research dollars than any other Department on campus. This provides extraordinary financial support for our graduate students and their research activities.


Chemistry: Although not really addressed in any of the questions above, we have been one of the top graduate programs in Chemistry in the U.S. with respect to giving assistant professors an outstanding start in research. This includes helping them to recruit large numbers of the best graduate students and this has been excellent for the training of graduate students in emerging areas of chemistry. 


Crop Science: We are fortunate to be in a position where we cannot supply enough Ph.D. graduates to meet the needs of academia and our industries. We have many alumni that have been very supportive of our graduate programs. 


Mathematics: In recent years, there has been a core revitalization of the graduate program in Mathematics with more outside funding, improved times to degree and even better job placement despite difficult markets. Though more improvement can and will be made, it seems clear that the graduate program is improving. 


Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering: Our strong research relationships with national laboratories and industry which provides our students with opportunities to work on the most cutting-edge research with the best facilities (including those at Illinois).