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Frequently Asked Questions About the Program Proposal Process

How many copies do I submit?

Only one, routed through the appropriate departmental and college offices.

Do I need to attend the meeting of the Program Subcommittee of the Graduate College Executive Committee at which my program proposal is discussed?

No, for a new or substantially revised program, the subcommittee will invite an appropriate departmental representative to the meeting to answer questions if needed.

What happens if the subcommittee or the Graduate College requests changes in a program proposal?

If the changes are extensive, then the Graduate College will return the proposal to the department. After extensive revision, the proposal should then go through the normal approval process in the department, school, and disciplinary college.If the changes are minor, one of the deans of the Graduate College will communicate directly with the proposer to incorporate the changes, and the proposal will be forwarded as revised.

Is the successful completion of an option, track, or specialization noted on the transcript or diploma?

No. A department may present an unofficial certificate to the student who completes the requirements for an option, track, or specialization. For example, the Computational Science and Engineering program issues a certificate of completion to each student who completes the CSE option in each participating department. However these types of certificates can not be verified by the University, only the unit awarding them. Consult the Graduate College before offering such a certificate.

What happens to currently enrolled students when a degree program is changed?

A student must be allowed to complete the requirements of a degree program as they existed at the time of first registration in the program. However, after a revised or new program goes into effect, a continuing student may have the option of satisfying the requirements of the revised or new program, with the consent of the department. If the student wishes to complete a new program, they must successfully petition to change to the new curriculum. A student who does not maintain continuous enrollment, if readmitted, may be expected to comply with the current requirements, not the original ones.

The Policy for Minors tells me to use the Standard Graduate Minor Approval Form and not the Format for Presentation of Proposals to Senate Committee on Educational Policy. Is this correct?

Yes, for minors only, use this alternate form for submission of a proposal.

What do I need If some of a program is to be offered off campus or online?

An off-campus graduate degree program is any graduate program in which more than one-half of the graduate hours required for completion are offered through Urbana-Champaign off-campus courses or online. You may continue to use the Senate EPC template for these proposals.