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Resources for Mentoring Postdocs

The interaction between the faculty mentor and postdoctoral scholar plays a central role in the development of the postdoc. These resources can provide tools for you to use while mentoring postdoctoral scholars. Illinois faculty can register for a free affiliate membership to the National Postdoctoral Association to access more resources.

Graduate College Mentoring Resources

The Graduate College has mentoring resources for faculty members, found in the Online Toolkit. The Graduate College also offers an annual workshop on mentoring for faculty each January.

Mentoring Compact and Resources

Discussing expectations about the postdoctoral period can enhance the postdoctoral training experience and prevent misunderstandings. The following resources could be used as a starting point for the conversations about your expectations.

Individual Development Plans

Individual development plans (IDPs) provide an opportunity for postdoctoral scholars and their faculty mentors to set goals considering the individual career plans and professional development needs.  A national survey of postdocs in 2003 by Sigma Xi found a plan developed early by the postdoc and adviser was associated with greater success of the postdoc. The following samples provide ideas about topics covered in IDPs.

Mentoring International Postdocs

Scientific Management