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Quantifying Uterine Collagen Properties Using Spatial Light Interference Microscopy

The interest of this research was to quantify properties of uterine biopsies from 4 healthy patients and 8 patients experiencing uterine prolapse. The length, straightness, orientation, and width of fibers from each tissue sample was calculated and compared to see how uterine prolapse may affect the patient's tissue. This was done by using images generated using spatial light interference microscopy (SLIM) which provides a stain-free method of quantifying these properties. The results showed that the controls were spread out for each of the parameters indicating there may not be a correlation between uterine prolapse and fiber structure, at least not for these parameters.

Melissa Santi
University of Rhode Island
Biomedical Engineering
Research Advisor: 
Dr. Gabriel Popescu
Department of Research Advisor: 
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Year of Publication: