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Session 2 - Oral Presentations

Session 2: Oral Presentations (10:45 AM)



Investigating the Role of Fatty Acyl-CoA Reductase in Fatty Alcohol Production Using Cell-Free Protein Synthesis
Christian Hurd | SPI

Athermal Hydrosilylation Triggered by Chemical Activation of Platimun-based Catalysts
Jared Javier Rivera-Otero | SPI

The Champaign-Urbana Population Study (CUPS): Collecting 7T MRI scans to create a database
Maxwell Amoh-Mayes | SROP-Illinois, REACH

The Effects of Imidacloprid on Steroidogenic Enzyme Gene Expression in the Female Mouse Ovary
Winter Stubblefield | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox


Can Rocks Save the World?: A Look at the Potential for Carbon Sequestration During Deep Sea Fluid-Rock Interactions
Alexcia Nicole Dunn | SPI

Probing the Voltage Response of Various Dynamic Network Exchange Soft Polymer Actuators
Montse Solis | SPI

Phenotypic variation in Medicago Truncatula following Sinorhizobia inoculation
Amanda Griffin | SPI


Discovering new viruses and anti-viral defenses in Staphylococcus species
Taylor McNeal | SPI

Effects of IGF-1 on Glycolysis in the Uterine Epithelium
Kassandra Sandoval | SPI

How Important is Language in Smell and Taste Research? The Case for Chemosensory NLP (Natural Language Processing)
Evan Alicio Guerra | SPI


From Shadow to Substance: Black Futurity in the Face of Adversity
Yasmine Adams | SPI

Black College Athlete Affinity Groups and/as Black Liberatory Fantasy
Solomon Nathan Siskind | SPI

Are the Kids Alright? Adverse Childhood Experiences Among Black Children and Adolescents
Keyana Imani Diaz | SPI

Child Development and Racial bias within White and Black children related to White and Black women working in S.T.E.M.
KailahRenee Mattie Hudson | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance


Looking at Female Identifying Individuals in the Boy Scouts of America through the Lens of Identity, Dignity, and Gender
Adan Mulvaney | SPI

Transgender Issues: How Black Democrats Differ
Akayla A. Henson | SPI

Finding a Feminist Spiritual Beyond: Bridging Human Spaces Between Sylvia Wynter’s “Demonic Grounds” and Gloria Anzaldúa’s “Nepantla”
Joana Diaz | SROP-Illinois

Racial Representation in American Youth Literature: Paths and Directions
Marina Tinone | SPI


Decolonization of Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) IN STEM
Sofia Rivera | SPI

Placeball: Placemaking and the Mexicanization of Los Doyers
Albert Lopez | SPI

Always On, Always Together: Using the Communication Interdependence Perspective to Explore How Technology Facilitates and Hinders Connection in Relationships
Audrey Herrera | SPI