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Session 4 - Poster Presentations

Session 4: Poster Presentations (2:30 PM)


Heritage Hall 1

Assays for Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in a Broad Spectrum of Animals
Layla Marie James | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

The Effects of Circadian Rhythm Disruption on Levels of Inflammation and Reactive-Oxygen Species in the Neuromuscular Junction
Malia Jennings | SROP-Illinois, FUTURE-MINDS-QB

Climate Sensitivity Analysis for LaMoine River Watershed using HAWQs
Malynnda Aldridge Johnson | SROP-Illinois, PRI

Segmentation of Vascular Structures
Madison Jones | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Astrocytic Alterations in Alzheimer's disease
Daniel-Ashley B. Lindo | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

The Fuel of the Future: The Conversion of Cellulose into Glucose from Different Plant Biomasses
Lauren "Lolo" Livingston | SROP-UIC

The Effect of Low Concentration Phthalate Mixture on Endoplasmic Reticulum Remodeling During Xenopus Oocyte Maturation
Esmeralda Lopez Hernandez | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox

Searching For Evidence of PLASS In The Visual Cortex
Samantha Lucien | SROP-UIC

Shifting Body Size in Eastern Fence Lizards (Sceloporus Undulatus) in Response to Climate Change
Raven Meshell Moore | SROP-Illinois, PRI

Enhancement of IgG Activity with Metal Ions in the Agglutination of Candida albicans
Teresa Ruby Moreno | SROP-UIC

A Systematic Review: Musculoskeletal Disorders And Discomfort For Female Surgeons or Surgeons With Small Hand Size When Using Hand-held Surgical Instruments
Rashaun Ali Muhammed | SROP-UIC

Potential benefits on increasing community confidence in Geologic Carbon Sequestration Using Raspberry-Shake and Open Data
Yessenia Nicacio-Rosales | SROP-Illinois

Unraveling Identity of Endophytic Bacteria in Native Prairie Plants
Francesca Hayley Noble | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Targeting hyaluronan biosynthesis and catabolism to enhance radiosensitivity in glioblastoma
Violet Park | SROP-Illinois, REACH

Nutritional AI Chatbot
Imani Parker | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Creating a Nutrition AI Chatbot: Researching Best Practices and Data Considerations
Justin McArthur Piggs | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Altered Metabolism in Naked Mole-Rats for Surviving Oxygen Deprivation
Mariana Quintero | SROP-UIC

The effects of the neonicotinoid imidacloprid on learning and memory tasks on CD-1 mice.
Jessica I Quito | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox

The Negative Impact of Maternal Phthalate Exposure during Pregnancy on Male Offspring's Fertility and Reproductive Outcomes
Leslie Guadalupe Rivera | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox

Comparing Potential Tumorigenicity and Toxicity of Clean Energy HQ-115 and Legacy PFOS
Anthony Xavier Rodriguez | SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox

Alma Mater

The Impact of Military Deployment Experiences on Child Social Development
Yasmen Ah'ree Leilani Pugh | McNair

Companionship Leading to Mental Illness in Young Adults : Love Turned into Despair
Janay Smith | McNair

Effect of Entertainment Media: Reduction of Prejudice Against Asian American
Eunhye Cho | SROP-UIC

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Psychopathology: Differential Effects by Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexual/Gender Minority Status
Bethany Garcia | SROP-UIC

Preschool Expulsion in Illinois: What Trainings Are Available for Early Childhood Educators to Decrease Expulsion Rates?
Allegra Hinojosa-Cabrera | SROP-UIC

The Implications of trauma on Mexican Immigrant children and their overall well-being
Griselda Jimenez | McNair


The Influence of Maternal Depression on Adolescents’ Stress Coping: Investigating the Mediating Role of Maternal Parenting Style
Adamari Lopez | SROP-UIC

Transformative social and emotional learning: Essential practices to supporting minority students in higher education
Jimena Mendoza | SROP-UIC

Latino/as Identities in the U.S.
Deborah Acosta-Sanchez | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Economic Inequality Through Multiple Lens: Legitimation of  Economic Inequality & Perception
Cherise Olivia Castello | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance

Benign Masochism and The Dynamics of Emotion Between Cultures: Examining the Influence of Cultural Factors on Engagement with Aversive Stimuli
John Joe Garay-Hernandez | SROP-Illinois

Exposure and Representation Matters: How Exposure to STEM in Children’s Books, Education, and Role Models will increase the likelihood that Black Children will go into a STEM Field
Sophia Lyons | SROP-Illinois, MSI Alliance