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TIGS Funding Program Checklist

Factors to consider in determining whether to offer a remote assistantship/fellowship, or to defer enrollment to Spring or Fall 2021 semesters.

  • Are there export control restrictions or external sponsorship approvals required for remote appointment?
  • Is your program prepared to provide necessary supplemental orientation, advising, and mentoring support for students while they study and work remotely?
  • Is your program prepared to help transition students to campus who are able to arrive mid-semester?

Identifying Student Plans

  • Graduate programs should send a letter to their admitted international graduate students that explains the program’s fall term enrollment options and provides more general information about the instructional outlook for the Fall 2020 term (follow template provided).
  • As units are working through their employment offers to graduate students, please refer to Illinois Human Resources for the most to date information related to remote offer letter templates.
  • Programs receive acceptance or deferral requests from students offered remote assistantships or fellowships, or stand-alone waivers.
  • Stand-alone waivers are made at the recommendation of the disciplinary college by submitting the Stand-Alone Waiver Request Spreadsheet to the Graduate College.
  • Programs notify Graduate College of students who request deferrals.

Appointment Processing

Payment Processing

  • Starting the payment to foreign employees working outside the US process and notifying the College HR representative will initiate review of the payment options.
  • Guidance will be provided regarding the processes and information needed based on the payment method.