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Admitted Student Final Credential Requirements

Your official Graduate College admission letter may have stated “to complete your admission, you must submit final, official credentials” along with list of the institutions from whom those credentials are needed. This page provides additional information about how to submit your credentials.

General Requirements

To be considered official, an academic credential must:

  • list the conferral of all degrees earned, the degree awarded date, and all coursework completed,
  • be certified or attested by the registrar or comparable official of the University, and
  • be received in a signed/sealed envelope from the institution.

All final, official credentials are required during your first term of enrollment and you will not be allowed to register for subsequent semesters until all required documents have been received. Please see the final deadline date for submitting these credentials based on your admit term:

  • Fall and Summer term admits - credentials must be submitted no later than November 1; we recommend submitting prior to October 1 to avoid registration delays.
  • Spring term admits - credentials must be submitted no later than April 1; we recommend submitting prior to March 1 to avoid registration delays.

Please note that if you have already provided final, official academic credentials to your department office, the department will work with the Graduate College to clear those conditions of your admission.

U.S. Institutions


  • The transcript must list your degree as awarded and the degree conferral date.
    • Oftentimes, this information is not listed on your transcript until up to a month after your graduation. For example, if you graduate on May 15 and you order a transcript on May 20, your degree information may not be on your transcript yet.
    • You will want to check with your university to make sure your degree information is on your transcript before sending it.
  • The transcript must be issued by your university’s registrar’s office and have all coursework finalized. 
  • If you attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the Graduate College will obtain your official transcript for you. You do not need to request official UIUC transcripts to be mailed or emailed to our office.

Methods of Sending Credentials to Illinois:

Electronic (preferred): The preferred method for submitting transcripts from U.S. institutions to our office is electronically. Most U.S. institutions offer the option of having your final transcript sent electronically / via email. Some institutions ask you to provide an  email address for the institution to which it will be sent and others allow you to search for and select the institution.

  • If you need to provide an email, please use
  • If you need to search for us, make sure that you select the GRADUATE option for our university. Some institutions will list University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with multiple options. It is important you select the graduate option which may appear as "graduate," "graduate admissions," or "graduate college."

Mailed: We will also happily accept official transcripts sent directly from your institution in sealed envelopes mailed to our office at:

University of Illinois
Graduate College
507 E Green St, Suite 101
Champaign, IL 61820

Note that "Issued to Student" transcripts can only be accepted if they have remained in a sealed envelope.

International Institutions


  • Students are required to submit final, attested copies of their transcripts (or mark sheets), as well as their certificates of degree (or diploma). We require these credentials to be both in the native language and in English.
    • If the university directly issues your credentials in English, native language documents may not be required.*
    • If the university lists the degree awarded and the degree conferral date on your transcript, a separate certificate of degree or diploma may not be required.*
  • All coursework and exams must be finalized on these credentials.
  • Credentials should be received in sealed envelopes directly from the institution.
  • Credentials should be issued on official letterhead/transcript paper, have an original seal or stamp from the university, and a signature from the Registrar.
  • We prefer English translations to be issued by your university, but we will also accept translations issued by a certified public translator, a governmental agency, or from an ATA (American Translators Association) translator.
  • We do not accept notarized copies of credentials. The attestation needs to be from your university or a government agency within your university’s country.
  • We do not accept credentials or evaluations provided by third party evaluation companies such as WES and ECE. Some of these companies do provide translation services and if they provide a true English translation of an attested credential, we may be able to accept the translation. However, the native language credentials would need to come directly from the university.

*Note that if you are providing credentials from an institution in China, we will always require both transcripts and certificate of degree in both the native language and in English. We do not need the graduation certificate, only the certificate of degree confirming the degree has been awarded. However, If we are able to verify your credential online, we will accept CHESICC credential verification reports from IMPORTANT: If your CHESICC report lists the last 4 digits of your ID as asterisks (*), you will also need to provide us with a copy of your university ID that shows your full student ID number.

Methods of Sending Credentials to Illinois:

Electronic (preferred): The preferred method for submitting final, attested credentials from international institutions to our office is electronically. We recognize that not all international institutions have a way to provide these credentials electronically, but if your institution is willing to email us the credentials, please have them sent to grad@illinois.eduNote that if the institution is emailing these credentials, we must be able to verify the email address online in order to consider them official.

Mail: We will also happily accept final, attested credentials to be sent directly from your institution in sealed envelopes mailed to our office at:

University of Illinois
Graduate College
507 E Green St, Suite 101
Champaign, IL 61820

In Person: We also allow international students to bring their original credentials to our office, where we can make true copies for our files so that students may retain their originals.

If you prefer to send your originals by mail, you can include a prepaid shipping label and envelope from UPS or FedEx, and we will gladly ship them back to you.

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