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Illinois Summer Research Symposium (ISRS)

Illinois Summer Research Symposium

July 21-22, 2022 at the I Hotel & Conference Center

The Illinois Summer Research Symposium brings together research programs that support the inclusion and participation of students from US populations underrepresented in graduate study to present their research. More than 150 students will present research that has been developed through the mentorship and training of faculty members from across a variety of disciplines.

Schedule of Events

Full Program

Participating Programs

FoDoMMaT - The Future of Discovery: Training Students to Build and Apply Open Source Machine Learning Models and Tools

IRIP - International Research Internship Program

McNair - TRiO Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Acheivement Program

POETS - Power Optimization of Electro-Thermal Systems

PRECS - Phenotypic Plasticity Research Experience for Community College Students

REACH Program - Research & Education for the Advancement of Compassionate Healthcare

SPI - Summer Predoctoral Institute

SPIN – Students Pushing Innovation Internship Program

SROP at Illinois - Summer Research Opportunities Program for Undergraduates at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

SROP at UIC - Summer Research Opportunities Program for Undergraduates at the University of Illinois Chicago

SURE Tox - Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Toxicology at the University of Illinois


2022 ISRS Award Winners:


  • Bridget Horta (SROP-Illinois) - Community-Engaged Research with Black Churches in the Urbana-Champaign Area: Culturally Responsive Approaches to Addressing Health Disparities during COVID-19
    Karla Sanabria-Veaz (SPI) - Popular Education as a form of Cultural Adaptation: Rethinking positive aging among Latino Older Adults

Honorable Mention

  • Nathalie Martinez (SPI) - Defining a #fieldsite on Language Activism: A Pilot Analysis of Digital Ethnographic Methods & Indigenous Digital Activism
  • Jocelyn Rubi (McNair) - The humanitarian crisis that is thousands of deaths and disappearances along the U.S.-Mexico Border and the factors that drive it



  • Kayleigh Ambrose (PRECS) - The Effects of Temperature Changes on Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates (How Climate Change May Affect Our Oceans Raves)
  • Skyler Hausback (SPI) - Uranium Emission Spectroscopy from Welding Arcs
  • Melissa Seecharan (SROP-Illinois, REACH) - Automating the Retrieval of Dosage to Consolidate Conflicting Evidence from Genistein Literature and Implications for Breast Cancer
  • ​Josselyn Telule (SROP-UIC) - Program-Level Responses to Challenging Behavior: The Difference Between Early Childhood Exclusion or Retainment

Honorable Mention

  • Richard Carr (PRECS) - Promyelination Drug Clemastine Fumarate’s Effect on Sickness Behavioral Deficits in Influenza Infected Mice
  • Hannah Heath (SPI)Epigenetics and Racial Disparities in Lung Cancer Incidence: Using CUT & RUN Analysis to Identify PRMT6 Targets in Black Male Lung Cancer Patients
  • Youssef Messeh (SROP-Illinois, REACH) - A New Image Analysis Method for Quantitative Assessment of Morphological Differences Between Osteopetrotic and Healthy Bone



  • Dani Cervantes (SROP-UIC) - It affected everything: The financial and daily work hassles of families who's child has been expelled from preschool
  • David Eby (SPI) - Health Information on TikTok, Exploring What’s Good #ForYou
  • Eva Rubin (SPI) - How Collegiate Athletics Culture Perpetuates the Eating Disorder Syndemic in Student-Athletes
  • Maha Syed (McNair) - The Influence of Major Selection on Sense of Belonging among College Students

Honorable Mention

  • Clarissa Gomez (SROP-UIC) - Facilitating Cancer Biomarker Discovery Through Extracellular Matrix Data Accessibility in MatrisomeDB
  • Simon Kato (SPI) - Motion Planning Uncertainty and Applications
  • Ishaan Patel (SROP-UIC) - Hidden Curriculum in Academic Medicine
  • Vanessa Salgado (SROP-Illinois, SURE Tox) - Influence of the gut microbiome and diisononyl phthalate (DiNP) on uterine development in mice