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Students Advising on Graduate Education (SAGE)

SAGE is a student advisory board and leadership opportunity for graduate students at Illinois that fosters active engagement with Graduate College programs and initiatives. SAGE board members enrich the graduate student community, build leadership skills, and strengthen Graduate College services and programs. This board contributes to the graduate student community at Illinois by providing varied perspectives that enhance the academic, professional, and social experience of graduate students at the university. They also provide valuable input for Graduate College programs, resources, and services.

Membership for 2022-2023

Sari Alkhatib Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
Elisabeth Bacon Neuroscience
Claire Baytas Comparative and World Literature
Leah Becker English
Joe Bowie Dance
Kevin Cheng Biophysics
Elizabeth Coder Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership
Megan Cole English
Michelle Farley Anthropology
Danielle Gapinski Agriculture, Leadership, Education, and Communication
Zhaneille Green Library and Information Science (MS)
Nicholas Haight Religion
Samantha Iwinski Human Development and Family Studies
Shelby Keye Kinesiology
Pradeep Kumar Molecular and Cellular Biology
Vikram Kumar Civil and Environmental Engineering
Grisel Lopez-Alvarez Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Shelby Martell Neuroscience
Kuldeep Namdeo Aerospace Engineering
Julissa Nunez Agriculture and Biological Engineering
Jane Yeahin Pyo Institute of Communications Research
Karina Rodriguez Information Sciences
Allison Rzepka Mechanical Science and Engineering
Azlan Smith English (MFA) and Writing Studies
Alexandra Solecki Mechanical Science and Engineering
Irina Valenzuela  Economics
Darrien Watson Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Charlotte Bauer Graduate College, Assistant Dean
Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko Graduate College, Dean

Visit our GradLIFE blog for more information about this year's SAGE board!


Project Groups

 SAGE project groups provide the opportunity for SAGE members and Graduate College staff focus on specific topics and goals. These collaborative groups help shape best practices, resources, and future initiatives for the larger graduate student community at Illinois

Diversity and Inclusion Book Series

Facilitated by Lisa Abston, meets in Fall

  • Joe Bowie
  • Elizabeth Coder
  • Zhaneille Green
  • Michelle Farley
  • Karina Rodriguez

Diversity Dialogue Series

Facilitated by Lisa Abston, meets in Spring

  • Joe Bowie
  • Jane Pyo
  • Kuneyl, Kuneyl
  • Michelle Farley
  • Azlan Smith

Graduate Student Community 

Facilitated by Emily Wuchner and Andrea Bridges, meets in Spring

  • Elizabeth Coder
  • Danielle Gapinski
  • Zhaneille Green
  • Nick Haight
  • Shelby Martell
  • Alex Solecki
  • Irina Valenzuela

GradPLAN: Individual Development Plan

Facilitated by Mike Firmand and Emily Wuchner, meets in Fall and Spring

  • Kevin Jose Cheng
  • Ellie Bacon
  • Shelby Keye
  • Pradeep Kumar
  • Vikram Kumar
  • Grisel Lopez-Alvarez
  • Jane Pyo

New Service Model

Facilitated by Alexis Thompson and Allison McKinney, meets in Fall and Spring

  • Sari Alkhatib 
  • Leah Becker
  • Samantha Iwinski
  • Karina Rodriguez
  • Allison Rzepka

GradLIFE Podcast and Blog 

Facilitated by John Moist, meets in Fall and Spring

SAGE members

  • Claire Baytas
  • Kuldeep Namdeo
  • Darrien Watson

Additional participants

  • Derek Attig
  • Charlotte Bauer
  • Julius Freeman
  • Katharine Wennerdahl