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Domestic Applicant FAQs: Admitted Student Questions

How do I accept my offer of admission?

Login to your application status page and review your admission letter. At the bottom of the letter is a link where you will be able to accept your admission offer. 

How do I find my UIN and Activation code?

This information is included in your admission letter; log back in to your application status page to re-review your letter.

How do I get my Net ID and register for classes?

Please visit our Quick Guide for a complete set of information and instructions to get you started, including claiming your Net ID, registering for classes, getting your I-Card, and setting up your email.

Can I defer my admission?

To defer your admission you will need to speak with your program of study office. If they approve, you can defer for up to one calendar year.

I have decided not to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: what do I need to do? 

You should contact your department and tell them of your decision. You should also log back in to your online application, access your admission letter and click the last link in the letter; this is where you can decline your admission. This is all that is needed to cancel your admission.

I have a transcript hold, what do I need to do?

View your notice of admission letter on your application status page to find the list of institution names for which we are missing final, official credentials. You must send these credentials to the Graduate College to avoid registration issues.

I already sent in my final transcripts, yet I still have a transcript hold, what do I need to do?

Please contact your graduate program to see if they have received these credentials and to have them forward the credentials to our office to remove your hold.

I cannot obtain my final transcripts yet and I need to register, what do I do?

You need to contact your graduate program to request that they approve a hold extension for you. You will need to document why you are unable to obtain these credentials and when you expect to provide them to our office. If your department approves, they must submit a letter requesting an extension for fulfulling this condition of your admission. Our Assistant Dean will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.