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Domestic Applicant FAQs: Letters of Recommendation

How many letters of reference do I need?

Most graduate programs require three letters of reference. Check with your proposed program of study regarding the number required. Your recommenders will be required to submit letters or reference using the online recommendation system.

My recommender is having trouble submitting his/her reference letter; what does he/she do?

Please ask your recommender to save their letter as a PDF or a Microsoft Word document and to ensure that they are using Google Chrome as their web browser (this works best with our application system).

I need to update or change my list of recommenders; how can I do this?

You may revisit the references page of your online application to add additional references.

can i resend the notification to a recommender or edit the email address for a RECOMMENDER?

You may revisit the references page of your online application, click “Edit”, edit the email address if appropriate, and click “Send Reminder."

Not all my recommenders have submitted their letters; do I have to wait to submit my application?

No. Please submit your application when you are ready. Your references may submit letters after you have submitted your application.