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Domestic Applicant FAQs: Requirements and Deadlines

What are the Graduate College admission requirements?

Please view our full list of our Minimum Requirements webpage. Remember that departments may have additional requirements for admission.

What is the application deadline?

Application deadlines are set by individual degree programs. It is your responsibility to visit the program web site to determine the deadline for your proposed admission term. If you apply after the deadline, you may not receive full consideration and you will not receive an application fee refund. Please visit our program directory for specific program web site and contact information.

Do my test scores and other application materials (transcripts, personal statements, writing samples, recommendation letters, etc.) have to be submitted by the program application deadline?

Most graduate programs require that all application materials be submitted prior to the application deadline to receive full consideration.

Is the GRE required?

The GRE is not a requirement of the Graduate College. However, it may be a program admissions requirement. Visit the program website for specific test score requirements.

What ares the GRE & toefl codes for Illinois?

The institution code is 1836. Department codes are not necessary for our school. You can fill in any number there or leave it blank (if that is an option). As long as the institution code is correct, your test score will be available to any graduate program at Illinois.

Have my test scores been received?

Contact your proposed program of study directly to confirm the receipt of your official test scores.

if applying to multiple programs, do I need to submit my test scores multiple times?

No. Your test scores will be available to all graduate programs at Illinois.