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Defining Applicants as International or Domestic

The non-refundable application fee amount is determined by your citizenship and/or visa status. Payment may be made online via credit card. Your application cannot be review until the application fee has been processed. You will be prompted to pay your application fee after submitting your online application. If the application fee is not paid within 3 weeks, your application will be unsubmitted.

Domestic Applicants

Domestic applicants are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the United States, or have been granted Asylee, Refugee or Paroled in the Public Interest status by the United States government. Domestic applicants are required to submit a the domestic application fee. Lawful Permanent Residents are also required to upload a copy of their Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) directly to the online application. If you have submitted an application, but have not yet been approved for United States Permanent Residency, please see the instructions for International applicants in the next section.

International Applicants

International applicants are citizens or permanent residents of a country to which they intend to return other than the United States. International applicants may be in the United States on an educational, worker or visitor visa, or be residing in their home country. International applicants are required to submit the international application fee by credit card. International applicants who are requesting F-1 or J-1 visa eligibility documents are also required to provide evidence of financial support.

Please note: International applicants who have filed an application for United States Permanent Residency, but have not yet been granted approval, are considered International applicants and are required to submit the international application fee (effective with 2011 applications) but are not required to provide financial documentation. 


Certain domestic applicants (University of Illinois Civil Service Staff, Academic Professionals, Faculty, Employees of Allied Agencies, SROP Participants, or applicants to designated programs, such as Project 1000, McNair Scholars, Big Ten Academic Alliance FreeApp) may be eligible for an application fee waiver or exemption. If you are eligible for a fee waiver, choose the appropriate waiver in the "Application Information" section of the online application. Unfortunately, unless the applicant is covered by one of the waivers described above, the application fee will not be waived.