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Countdown To Completion

Graduates flip tassel tassel over to the left-hand side of their mortarboards.

Congratulations! As you finish your final semester, here is a checklist of items to help you prepare for graduation. 

Complete Degree Requirements

  • Apply to graduate using Self-Service
  • For doctoral students, schedule and take your final exam (defend)
  • Deposit your thesis or dissertation with the Graduate College. Make note of deadlines and format templates as you plan ahead for a smooth deposit!
  • Finish all required courses

Plan to Participate in Commencement Celebrations

Prepare For Your Next Steps

  • Update your diploma address in Self-Service (diplomas are mailed about 9 weeks after conferral)
  • Complete exit surveys for master's students and doctoral students
  • Check your student account 
  • Learn what happens to your email and files after graduation

Commencment Celebrations

  • Celebrate your achievements with your family and friends!

Important DECEMBER 2022 Dates

Mark your calendars for the following dates.

October 30
Last day to apply for December degree conferral (adding your name to the degree list) on Self-Service.

November 9
Last day to register for the December 2022 Doctoral Hooding Ceremony.

Last day to order academic regalia at the early discounted rate.

November 11
Last day to take final exam for December doctoral degree.

November 21
Last day to order academic regalia online (website no longer active after 10:59 pm).

December 2
Last day to complete a December doctoral dissertation deposit with the Graduate College Thesis Office (5:00 pm).

December 9
Last day to complete a December master's thesis deposit with the Graduate College Thesis Office (5:00 pm).