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Get One-on-One Support

get one-on-one support

The Graduate College is here to support you. You can meet one-on-one with staff who specialize in different aspects of graduate education. On this page, learn how to connect with our experts for individual support and consultation.

Academic Records and Registration

Our knowledgeable registration services and academic affairs staff can help you navigate campus procedures and policies pertaining to your academic record. We can provide assistance with a variety of questions ranging from registration options/procedures to degree audits and graduation. 

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Academic Success Coaching

Graduate School brings many new opportunities, but you also may find that new challenges arise. Graduate College staff are here to support you by discussing topics like time management strategies, prioritizing and goal-setting, productivity and sustainability, navigating professional relationships, juggling responsibilities, and connecting to campus resources. We are here to listen and work together to help you identify strategies and next steps. If you feel like there is something stopping you from making progress in graduate school, make an appointment.

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Career Development Advising

Career Development staff who understand the needs of graduate students and postdocs can assist you with career exploration, networking, and the job search process in academia, industry, government, and nonprofits.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team promotes access, equity, and inclusion. It works to create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for graduate students with diverse experiences and goals, and who come from many educational, socio-cultural, geographic, and familial backgrounds. We can meet with you to offer support and guidance as you navigate graduate school.

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External Fellowships

External Fellowships staff offer one-on-one reviews of draft proposals for external fellowships or grants. We can critique your proposal and advise you on how to refine it so you can submit the most competitive application you can.

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Problem Solving

When concerns or conflicts arise in your graduate experience, Graduate College staff are here to help. Our staff understand the types of problems that can happen in graduate school and are available to discuss your concerns. Potential topics might include conflict resolution, advisor relationships, complex situations, and other issues. We can listen to your concerns, connect you with resources, explore policies affecting your situation, and help you understand your options going forward.

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Thesis staff can give students an overview of campus resources and the stages of the thesis process, offer tips and strategies as they start writing and researching, and review the Graduate College formatting requirements.

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