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SROP - Benefits of Participating

You will receive valuable graduate school information and a variety of other benefits in addition to the many experiences that support your pursuit of graduate study.

Academic Benefits

  • Participants are assigned a research advisor (Faculty Mentor) who will guide their summer research. The Faculty Mentor will be from a discipline, or is involved in research, that matches the participant's research interests.

  • Participants also have an opportunity to earn up to three credit hours of independent study during the summer, which may be transferred to their home institution.

  • Participants will also attend a weekly Research Writing Seminar designed to teach how to write and publish academic papers.

  • All SROP participants will also have the opportunity to present their summer research project at the Illinois Summer Research Symposium (ISRS). Taking place in mid July, ISRS includes SROP at Illinois and many other summer research programs. 

  • As a summer student at Illinois you will have access to the University of Illinois Library, one of the largest public academic libraries in the United States.

Collegial Experiences

  • There are many organized activities designed to enable participants to develop networks useful to an emerging scholar. Aside from the many opportunities to interact socially with the other SROP participants, you will establish meaningful relationships with faculty and administrators on campus.

  • Students are given an opportunity to exchange ideas and broaden their knowledge and perception of their discipline through research team participation. You will be assigned to a research team consisting of approximately 10 SROP participants from similar majors. Your team will meet regularly under the leadership of a Research Team Leader who is currently pursuing an advanced degree in a related field of study. In addition to expanding your knowledge and scope, the research team serves as a mechanism to help refine your research project and develop collegial relationships with other students.

Financial Benefits

  • Each student who is selected will receive a stipend of up to $4,000, room and board for the duration of the program, and travel expenses to and from the summer program.

  • Each student will receive books, supplies, and materials needed to support their participation in the academic workshops, writing course, and team meetings.

  • As a summer student at Illinois, you will receive an Illinois identification card (i-card). The i-card is the University's official photo ID and is used to access services and facilities such as computer labs, printing and copying, campus recreation facilities, health care, residence halls and dining facilities. It also serves as a library user card and a free bus pass. More information is available at