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About Fellowships

The Graduate College offers several services and resources for current graduate student fellows and graduate students applying for external fellowships. 

Are you a current fellow or trainee?

Congratulations on receiving a fellowship or traineeship for your study at the University of Illinois! The Graduate College is here to help you fully understand the benefits and obligations associated with your award.

See our FAQ for current fellows and trainees.

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Are you exploring external fellowships?

Are you looking for a fellowship?

Our External Fellowship unit provides services to help you identify potential fellowships, learn how to write a proposal, and submit the strongest application you can. To help you locate funding sources, we maintain a searchable database that contains information on over 1,100 graduate-level grants and fellowships. If you are seeking a fellowship that's appropriate for you, this is the best place to start. 

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Want to learn about grant writing? 

We conduct workshops throughout the year to introduce students to the art of proposal writing. Most workshops take place in Coble Hall and are advertised through GradLinks. Learn more.


Want assistance with your proposal?

We offer one-one-one review and critique of proposals for external funding. Once you have a completed draft that encapsulates a well-defined project and that has been reviewed by your advisor, and once you are ready for an outside reviewer to offer critical comments, we can serve as that outside reviewer. Appointments should be scheduled at least one month prior to the fellowship deadline. See details.


Students seeking assistance applying for fellowships are encouraged to review information about External Fellowships.


Are you a faculty or staff member looking for information related to fellowships?

See information on fellowship policies and procedures. Find campus forms here.