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Submitting Forms

Online Drop-Off 

Many forms, including registration and records forms, can be dropped-off online by students and departments using the Secure Form Drop-Off. We encourage using the online option because it provides the fastest turn-around time. Some forms, including committee results, thesis approvals and degree certification letter requests, can only be uploaded by authorized departmental staff. 
To drop-off a form online, you will need to create a PDF of the fully-signed form. After you upload the PDF, you do not need to send in the hard copy form. See instructions.
Please note that we are no longer collecting social security numbers as part of fellowship NOA processing. We ask that you not include SSNs, TINs, driver’s license, or passport numbers on these forms.

Submitting Petitions

Petitions are submitted through an online petition system that is different from the Secure Form Drop-Off listed above. For more information about or to access the online petition portal, see the Graduate College Petition Process.  


Looking for a Form?

The Graduate College Forms Directory has links to our forms.