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Data Tools

Graduate College Dashboards

Graduate Education Dashboard

This publicly available, interactive dashboard shows campus, college, and department-level data about graduate education for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Our legacy database has been recently upgraded. As we continue to make enhancements, we will add additional metrics including data about career outcomes.



Using data from the Division of Management Information and the University Office for Planning and Budgeting, this interactive tool provides a snapshot of four key areas of graduate education and program administration: Selectivity, Time to Degree, Enrollment of Historically Underrepresented Students, and External Support. Information in Grad Data is restricted to faculty and staff at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and requires a University of Illinois NetID.


Graduate College Data Tools

Doctoral Committee Participation History

Review history of faculty participation on Illinois doctoral committees (back to 1994, depending on the unit).

Doctoral Recipient Placement Data

Track placement of doctoral students after graduation.
Access is restricted to Disciplinary Deans, Executive Officers, Directors of Graduate Study and Graduate Program Contacts. 


Graduate Faculty Database

Search for graduate faculty members, departments, and addresses. 

Graduate Tuition Waivers & Reimbursement

This interactive data tool provides headcounts of students with graduate tuition waivers as assigned by the Graduate College’s tuition waiver policy and the charges associated with cross-campus waiver reimbursement. Organized by appointing unit and by enrolling college, it allows users to filter and drill down into more detailed reports.
This dashboard is restricted to faculty and staff at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and requires a University of Illinois NetID.

Thesis Deposit Check

Search and report on masters and doctoral thesis deposit information.
Access restricted to Directors of Graduate Study, Graduate Program Contacts, and Convocation Coordinators.

Campus Resources

Division of Management Information (DMI)

EDDIE/View Direct

Campus Reporting Applications shows how to access standard campus data reports from EDDIE and ViewDirect

Additional Resources

Information Requests

If you wish to request system access or data reports from the Graduate College, please contact